When Public Health Meets COVID-19


Saginaw County Health Department

The Barckholtz Group served (and continues to serve) as a public information support team to help the Saginaw County Health Department pivot and innovate to respond not only to a novel virus but also to every home, school, business, gathering and public place in Saginaw County.


Saginaw County Health Department Samples

Client testimonial

“The Barckholtz Group is a team of amazingly talented and dedicated communication professionals that have provided the Saginaw County Health Department with literally life saving resources during the COVID-19 pandemic. Melinda and her team worked day in and day out through the trenches to ensure timely, consistent, and accurate public information was provided to businesses, stakeholders, schools, and families throughout COVID-19 response. We have gotten an outpouring of support from these stakeholders on how well we kept everyone updated on changing guidance and this is all thanks to Melinda and her team! SCHD could not have done without them!”

Chris Harrington

Saginaw County Health Department